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Online Couples Counseling



Online Couples Counseling

Blog posts, quizzes, and e-books may assist you better understanding your marriage and how to repair any harm done. In addition, popular relationship therapy websites like RegainUS provide free Online Couples Counseling worksheets and other helpful tools for troubled couples on Yogitimes.


Marriage Helpline


A free Online Couples Counseling hotline may connect you and your spouse with a relationship specialist over the phone. During your free cell phone consultation, your coach or counselor will suggest relevant resources and subsequent actions to address your marital problems. Free marital therapy is typically the first step to healing your life and marriage.


It’s time to put those following crucial measures into action to restore your relationship. After utilizing free Online Couples Counseling tools, the next natural step is to schedule regular sessions with an online therapist. While free marital therapy is a good start, you may need more. Intense yet extremely successful marital therapy




Leading counseling websites like now provide marital support services to married couples. BetterHelp’s online therapists are certified, accredited, and well-trained in marital and family counseling. Signing up for sites like gives you and your spouse instant access to the following. Using BetterHelp to find a trusted Online Couples Counseling is much simpler than you think.


SMS Therapy


Clients and therapists communicate through SMS capabilities included in the treatment platform or via texting after sharing contact information. SMS message therapy is a popular type of internet treatment that connects therapists and clients 24/7.




When customers choose video therapy, the platform links them with therapists through video chat. They can also use Facetime or Skype to video communicate. Clients and therapists may see and hear each other, which is comparable to in-office treatment.




Individuals and couples may connect with other teams in difficulty through internet forums and chat rooms. In guided sessions and online media, clients may learn about how other couples relate to one other. These are all options for group therapy.


24 Hour Help


Online coaching, counseling, and therapy services provide 24/7 assistance. Always-on access allows users to get professional help online at any time of day or night. It’s great for those who work irregular hours or suffer from problems like sleeplessness.


Private Therapy Sessions


Online Couples Counseling sessions at reputable sites like are private and HIPPA compliant. Likewise, your therapist’s sessions are completely confidential. This includes live chat sessions, SMS messaging, and notes.


Relaxing Services


Leading counseling sites provide stress-free access to mental health, marital, and family assistance online. In addition, today’s platforms offer excellent user experience by guiding clients through vital information, such as attending treatment sessions.


Common Online Couples Counseling Topics


Whether you and your husband have been arguing for a long time, you may question if your arguments are typical. Usually, the response is “yes.” Saying I do doesn’t imply both couples will always agree. The trick is to learn to handle these problems without feeling attacked. Couples often disagree.

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Jade ELITE Yoga Mat




Jade ELITE Yoga Mat

The Jade ELITE Yoga Mat, according to the YOGI TIMES, was created for yogis who choose a more strenuous practice. The ELITE S was designed to withstand the pressure of tough exercises, making it suited for physically taxing disciplines like Ashtanga and vinyasa flows that move quickly.


The ELITE S is a durable mat that is offered in three hues: forest green, dark blue, and deep purple. Its top layer strikes the ideal balance between soft, “spongy” mats and stiff, solid mats by being durable and long-lasting but yet feeling smooth and nice to the touch.


Users claim that the mat provides good foot grip despite not having a surface that is covered with a sticky material.


On the other side, the ability of ELITE S members to keep their positions stands out the most.


The hands and feet do not slide about on the mat, which is a frequent issue with the vast majority of yoga mats, especially in downward dog.


One may quickly switch to a three-legged dog without having to worry about their hands becoming sweaty or losing their balance due to a lack of traction. This is because a canine with three legs does not need any ground traction.


The mat won’t move and will retain complete stability no matter how swiftly you move while doing a series of yoga positions.


Like all of Elite’s previous yoga mats, the ELITE S is made completely of natural rubber and has no synthetic components. All of the yoga mats made by Jade Elite have the same design. Given as Jade ELITE’s Yoga Mat is dedicated to keeping a socially conscious and helpful business, this shouldn’t be shocking.


Since they invented the first “green” yoga mat and have been manufacturing PVC-free, natural, safe-to-use yoga mats since 2000, they are the ones who should be credited with this invention.


The yoga mats produced by Jade ELITE are manufactured from rubber trees, a sustainable resource that has the potential to rejuvenate over time. In addition, Jade ELITE’s Yoga Mats will plant a tree for each mat bought as part of their continued commitment to environmental sustainability.


Every Jade Elite purchase includes the strongest mat currently available, the Jade Elite Yoga Mat. Yoga practitioners may count on the ELITE S to help them persevere even during the most trying times of their practice. This is true whether they’re flying through a series of Vinyasa sequences or trying to keep their balance in Crow Hold.

The price of the Jade ELITE Yoga Mats is $99.

The product’s ability to be used repeatedly without losing its effectiveness and without leaving a sticky residue is its most alluring quality. This product’s capacity to be used for a lengthy period of time is another alluring characteristic.

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best online yoga workouts




best online yoga workouts

Yoga has been proven to deliver a powerful punch when it comes to all of the related health advantages. However, given our hectic lifestyles, fitting a yoga session into an already jam-packed schedule is not always possible. Nevertheless, there are a plethora of yoga routines accessible online, all taught by qualified teachers, that we may do at our leisure. We’ve combed through the best of the best to offer you our top five online yoga workouts.


Yoga is a contemporary practice with more than 5,000 years of old writings and traditions, but its popularity has only grown in recent years to check it out.


According to the current Yoga in America Study, performed by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, the yoga business has grown significantly in size and number of practitioners since 2012. Over four years, the number of yoga practitioners in the United States increased from 20.4 million in 2012 to 36.7 million in 2016, with expenditure on yoga courses, equipment, apparel, and accessories rising from $10.7 billion to $16 billion.


The rise in the popularity of yoga may be attributed to the practice’s increased accessibility. While yoga was previously only available in yoga studios, it is now available at fitness centers, gyms, and fitness videos, allowing individuals to participate in online courses and YouTube exercises from the comfort of their own homes.


Medical News Today has searched through many yoga websites to bring you five of the finest online yoga exercises available. Each of our choices has yoga videos on their websites and a YouTube channel, and we even give you some background on the individuals behind them.


The Travel Addict


Allie Flavio, the face of The Journey Junkie, is a seasoned yogi with a fascinating presence. “A place where creativity, intentions, optimism, and enthusiasm are encouraged and welcomed,” says the Journey Junkie. The site is chock-full of yoga lessons and guided meditations that are broken down and presented straightforwardly.


Her former housemates inspired the beginning of Allie’s yoga adventure. “I was hungover after a night of partying, bad food choices, and a general lack of sleep when I went to my first yoga session with three closest friends/roommates,” Allie told MNT.


“However, after 75 minutes of excruciating heat, breathing, and bending and twisting my body, I felt more alive than I had in a long time. I was captivated right away, so I joined up for an unlimited monthly subscription and haven’t looked back since. I was enamored with yoga.”


“After three years of devoted practice, I decided to take the plunge and become a certified yoga teacher, first in studios and later online.” And, while teaching online, filming myself, and putting myself out there (mistakes, anxieties, flaws), I realized it was the next step in my path and exactly what my community wanted (and needed).”


“Fast forward a year, and the online yoga YouTube channel now has over 10,000 subscribers, a new weekly yoga video is released every week, four yoga challenges have been completed, and I’ve successfully transformed an online yoga blog into an online yoga company.” Both the yoga student and the yoga instructor have a wonderful time!”


Yoga sequences in the Journey Junkie collection include a wide range of topics, from core strengthening and lower back pain relief to rejuvenating and restoring stretches and full-body yoga for aching muscles, stress, and relaxation.


“Yoga’s advantages are limitless, infinite, and never-ending, and they will all help you live your best, most happy, and healthiest life,” Allie added. “I can say this with full confidence since I’m a consequence of yoga’s advantages.”

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